The Virginia Headache Center
103 B College Street
Christiansburg, VA 24073
(540) 381-0020

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Welcome to The Virginia Headache Center

Living a comfortable, pain-free life is not a luxury; it is something that everyone deserves. If you’re living with migraine or headache pain, you may not be living your life to the fullest. At the Virginia Headache Center, Dr. Raymond Munz and his team provide headache relief without depending on drug therapy. Through the TruDenta® pain relief system, you can be in control of your healing process and live the life you’ve always wanted - one free of pain. We believe our patients deserve the best care, and it's precisely this commitment to the highest quality that sets us apart. Our philosophy is focused on patient-centered care, and it’s what you can expect to experience every time you come to our office. For more information, schedule an appointment with Dr. Munz today!

Lasting Relief of Your Pain

Headaches, migraines, clenching, grinding, broken teeth and other symptoms are often the result of unbalanced forces within the mouth, head, neck, and jaw.

TruDenta is a revolutionary system designed to diagnose and treat headaches, migraines, face/jaw pain, and other recurring discomforts of the head, neck, mouth, and jaw. Through a series of painless tests, we can help discover the source of your pain and prescribe a personalized program of therapy and rehabilitation designed to lead to lasting resolution of your migraine and headache pain.

We also understand the effects that TMJ/TMD, sleep apnea, and snoring can have on your quality of life. Dr. Munz has experience in treating abnormal force related symptoms that may be causing these issues.

Our staff has a wealth of knowledge and years of experience and has been handpicked because they are at the top of their field. We strive to stay on the cutting edge of dentistry by taking many hours of continuing education courses each year. When you receive treatment at the Virginia Headache Center, you can be sure it meets the highest standards.

Please feel free to contact our Christiansburg dental office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Munz. It’s time to take control of your life, your health, and your happiness. Call today!

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